About Us

"Our mission is to empower future employees and business owners with the knowledge & skills to be confident & successful in the new digital world, and to produce the best, practically trained digital marketing graduates"

Liz Raad - Co- Founder H1 Digital Education

H1 Digital Education – Premier School Of Digital Marketing

We specialise in providing formally recognised and Australian government approved Digital Training Courses, primarily:

  • Diploma of Business (Digital Marketing) BSB50215

Our digital courses are designed to produce well rounded students with formal digital training and an excellent understanding in the fundamentals of online marketing, as well as being able to confidently use the new digital communication methods, tools and opportunities that are available.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure our students secure their future in the digital age either through obtaining the best job prospects or empowering them as entreprenuers in their own business or start-up with effective online strategies.


Meet The Founders

Founded by Matt and Liz Raad and Melanie MacDonald, H1 Digital Education was born from the growing need for reliably-trained digital marketers, and the lack of practical, work-place focussed education that would help students and consultants become valuable assets for businesses and organisations in the future.


Matt and Liz Raad

Matt and Liz Raad are digital marketing educators, and website investors and are recognised as experts in buying, renovating and selling profitable websites and businesses here in Australia. After building their own portfolio of passive money-making websites, they are now Angel Investors and provide digital marketing education and training.

Our goal at H1 is to produce well rounded graduates who have an excellent understanding of the fundamentals of marketing, as well as knowing the new digital communication methods, tools and opportunities that are available.


Melanie MacDonald

Melanie MacDonald is a commercial property and business investor who started out as an industrial chemist before developing skills in buying, renovating, and selling property then moving on to acquiring and improving more strategic business assets.

A successful entrepreneur and owner of RTO's for the last 18 years, she has been member of the BRW Fast 100 for one of her RTO's which was subsequently sold to a publicly listed company, a finalist in the Manawatu Business-Woman of the Year, a finalist in the Queensland Business-Woman of the Year and a member of the Q400 top businesses in Queensland.

Mel currently runs and owns LMIT (Line Management Institute of Training), and is passionate about providing high quality, job-skills based education for the future.